Energy Efficiency

How much can you save by upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system? It’s time to find out! Timo’s Energy Efficiency Calculator allows you to gauge the savings before you invest your hard-earned money in a new system that may not be right for you and your space.

Calculate the Savings Before the Spending

At Timo’s, our Energy Efficiency Calculator can help you answer the following questions:

  • How much can I save by upgrading to a higher efficiency air conditioner?
  • What is the difference in energy costs between my current cooling system’s SEER and an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating?
  • How Does the Calculator Work?

    The calculator’s primary purpose is to help you compare the energy costs of two air conditioners with different SEER ratings and to estimate how much you can save by upgrading to a higher-efficiency unit. It uses these four factors:

    • A unit’s SEER rating
    • Its size (in tons)
    • The cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour (Kwh) in Southern California
    • Annual cooling hours for your location

    Using this data, you can compare your current air conditioner to others with different SEER ratings to determine which system makes the most sense for you and your budget.

  • What Is SEER?

    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the rating system representing the energy efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. The higher the number, the less electricity the air conditioner or heat pump consumes to keep your home cool.

  • What is an Energy Star rating?

    You may have noticed the Energy Star symbol on some of your appliances, including your furnace and AC unit. HVAC systems that have the Energy Star symbol meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. They are designed to be more eco-friendly than comparable products. Many Energy Star-rated products may qualify for tax rebates and incentives. Check with your tax specialist to find out more.

  • Rebate & Federal Tax Credit Eligibility

    Am I eligible for manufacturer rebates or federal tax credits for my new, high-efficiency HVAC system?

    When you install a new, energy-efficient HVAC system, you’ll not only reduce monthly energy bills, but you could also receive manufacturer rebates and federal tax credits. The Timo’s team knows which products come with these valuable incentives, and we will help you gather the manufacturer certifications required to file for rebates and tax credits. At Timo’s, we make it easy to save money while enjoying high-performance home comfort!

  • Safety & Energy Tips From Timo’s

    Working to protect the environment and safeguard your budget, the Timo’s team offers products and services that will save energy—and lower utility bills. For home and property owners who wish to be frugal and eco-friendly, Timo’s recommends the following conservation tips.

    Make sure your attic is adequately insulated.

    According to energy experts, 40 percent or more of your heat and conditioned air may be escaping through the roof. Unfortunately, many builders skimp when it comes to attic insulation. So your home may be improperly protected. Properly insulating your attic is one of the most important things you can do for your comfort—and your budget. To keep your home cozy, Timo’s has partnered with Owens Corning—the industry leader in insulation. Utilizing the latest technology, we can add up to 18 inches of high-quality, blown-in insulation to your attic in less than two hours.

    If your home climate seems to favor the extremes, call Timo’s today to schedule a no-obligation attic insulation consultation. Keep in mind: Increased insulation can make your attic chilly and prone to moisture buildup. So it’s important to have your HVAC contractor inspect your attic vent system, as well.

    Close fireplace dampers when you’re not enjoying a fire.

    Open dampers allow warm air to escape up the chimney. In addition, make sure all of your vents and registers are free of any obstructions so that all warm and cool air circulates easily and efficiently.

    Change furnace filters at least four times per year.

    When your filter is clogged with dust, debris and pet dander, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home comfy. To maintain the performance and cleanliness of your HVAC equipment, it’s critical to replace or clean filters on a regular basis. We recommend four times a year, but pet owners or those suffering from allergies and asthma should change filters more often—up to six times a year.

    Though they cost more, high-efficiency, allergy-friendly filters last longer and deliver improved filtration. To inquire about the best filter for your HVAC system or to schedule your seasonal system maintenance visit, contact a Timo’s technician.

    Adjust your thermostat a few degrees.

    For every degree you lower your furnace or raise your air conditioner, you can save up to 3 percent on your energy bill. Wear layers during winter and consider installing an attic fan to circulate cool evening air during the summer. Ceiling fans are an energy-efficient way of spreading air throughout your home and they cost very little to run. Once you’ve decided upon a comfortable temperature, maintain that temp using your adjustable thermostat.

    Consider replacing aging or damaged windows.

    While new windows are a costly investment, they will save you money in the long term: as much as 15 percent each year! If your budget is an issue, begin replacing them one-by-one, starting with the larger windows. In the meantime, remember to check for leaky window and door seals and caulking—and replace/reseal them, if necessary.


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Customer Reviews

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Word is getting around about our expert service and personalized care.

On Friday, we discovered our heater/furnace was malfunctioning. I called Timo’s and they scheduled an appointment for Saturday. Technician Jason diagnosed the problem and made necessary repairs. He was polite, efficient, and explained what needed to be done. Thanks Timo’s!
Steven Michel
20:20 23 Nov 19
Andrew was nice and very personable. He worked quickly and efficiently to service my furnace. He explained everything that he had done and what didn’t need to be done. Then he was onto the next job. It was a great experience.
Jerry H
20:14 21 Nov 19
I have heard great things about this company. Read a few reviews, and decided to call them. They not just met my high expectations but they also exceeded them. From the scheduling process, to getting a text with a picture of technician prior to arrival, and his bio, to the quality of service, wow wow wow! I will not use any other company from now on. Timo’s will be my go to
Jeanette Morales
02:23 25 Oct 19
We found Timo’s by checking review sites after our ac decided to go out 2 months after we closed on our second home here in Palm Springs and 2 days before 8 family members arrived for our first 4th of July and housewarming here in the desert. We were thrilled as you can imagine when they were able to come out almost immediately (in the one teens as you might expect) and get us up and running in a matter of hours. We’ve been loyal customers ever sense and they’ve been stellar service providers for going on 9 years now. We use their annual service plan with their friendly and very necessary reminders for us. This way we never forget to keep our system clean and running smoothly for all seasons. Our technicians have been super courteous, professional, knowledgeable, timely, communicative and efficient. Highly recommend!
Debra Kelley
18:45 15 Oct 19
Timo’s tech named Andrew was great. Honest, not a crook didn’t try to over sell or say we needed things we didn’t need. Our former service was not honest and no “Comfort”. Timo’s is honest!! Hard to find in the desert. Great work, super honest!! I’m so glad we found them.
Bruce E. Newmark
21:12 10 Oct 19
Timo’s did an excellent job for maintenance of my furnaces and filters. Oscar was on time, efficient, thorough, and informative. He serviced my units, cleaned everything and made recommendations of what I might need in the future. There was no hard-sell, only things to consider. He explained what he did and why, making sure everything was spotless when he finished. I will see him again in 6 months when he services my air conditioners.
Ted Belch
23:44 01 Oct 19
We just replaced an air conditioner and furnace, as well as all our duct work. Chris Dalton from Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating came out to inspect the equipment and duct work and then explain our options. Chris was thorough and explained each option well. I appreciated his patience and never felt rushed or pressured, and he was helpful in getting our financing worked out. I’d happily recommend Timo’s to anyone. The teams who came to install the equipment and ducts were friendly and professional. People arrived when expected and left things clean. Our house is definitely more comfortable now!
Drew Monaghan
17:37 19 Sep 19
I liked the service man Andrew. He explained what he was during. Very nice, and treated me like he was a friend. Happy with service and price.
Marcello Clay
15:26 04 Sep 19
Our neighbors recommended Timo’s when our air conditioner wasn’t quite reaching the number we set the thermostat at. I was surprised when I called and they had an appointment for the very next day! Jason was the tech. He was very nice, quiet and efficient. Diagnosed the issue, gave me some options, and took care of things. My toddler didn’t even wake up from his nap during the visit. I signed up for their twice a year maintenance option.
Erin Havel
22:27 16 Aug 19
Called in the late afternoon because our AC was only blowing hot air. The person answering the phone was very courteous and professional, she put me on hold to check how soon a tech would be available. After a very brief hold, she came back on to tell me a tech would be available within the hour. Ten minutes later I got a call from the tech saying he was on his way. Jason was at out door 10 minutes later and promptly diagnosed our issue and repaired it. Amazing service and great people!Thanks!
Al Castro
01:02 15 Aug 19
The installers were knowledgeable and did not dilly-dally when it came to getting the job done. So far everything seems good, I’m getting cool air (so nice). The only negative comment I have is that both the inside wall mount blower and the outside condensing unit were not placed straight. The inside blower looked at an angle, I had the tech correct it (as best as he could). Also, the outdoor condensing unit was installed 1-1/4″ off from front to back. The tech removed the screws holding the unit in place, straightened it to an even distance from the house and replaced the screws. Thank you for getting this job done. You have professional, courteous techs.
Ed Sanchez
02:33 13 Aug 19
I contacted Timo’s on a Thursday about installation of a mini-split in my garage. A representative came to my house the same afternoon to discuss the system and give me a quotation. I accepted later that day via email, and installation was completed the next Monday! The installers were very friendly, knowledgeable, and cleaned up afterward. I like that Timo’s sends me texts and emails saying when they are coming and that they are on the way, etc. I strongly recommend Timo’s!
Alan Rupert
01:33 06 Aug 19
Timo’s sales (Chris) and installation crew is the best I have ever seen and I have used other companies before. They are dependable and very friendly starting with the office and Installer.Their workmanship is a true 5 stars Company.You can’t go wrong using Timo’s if you need the job done.
Wolfgang Goetting
03:40 18 Jul 19
Great service. My A/C was out all night, so the next morning, they came out right away. The A/C was serviced fast and my tech was very knowledgeable and kind enough to explain what was needed. Highly recommended!!!!
Diane A. Cora
20:13 13 Jul 19
I was very pleased with the service I received from this company. The tech was great. He was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and honest. The issue I was having with the air conditioning was resolved quickly. Great service.
Brenda Holcomb
04:00 10 Jul 19
Great prompt service with a smile! 😁 We’re very impressed not only with their five-star Yelp rating, which was one of the decision-making points in choosing Timo’s, but also with the fast, efficient, and very friendly service that we received. Tracy, the office manager, was on-point in handling our urgent need to resolve our AC outage, and Oscar the technician showed up promptly and quickly fixed AC unit. I would certainly use Timo’s again and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for the best AC service in the desert. Thanks!👏
Kevin Pugmire
19:16 26 Jun 19
Great customer service and fair prices. Excellent communication from first inquiry to job completion. On time, friendly, and honest service techs. I highly recommend Timo’s.
Steven Hanson
18:26 21 Jun 19
Consummate professionals. Knowledgeable, fast and reasonably priced for top tier equipment. Made suggestions to improve the system that made a huge difference. No other company that gave me bids even came close to mentioning anything like this. Highly recommended!
Jason McDade
17:52 19 Jun 19
Outstanding service! Prompt courteous and friendly staff. Everyone who I came in contact with was very helpful knowledgeable and competent. A very pleasant group of people to deal with. I highly recommend them!
Cynthia Vaughan
22:28 10 Jun 19
First, let me say that this was my first time working with Timo’s so there is no other history with them. The sales rep and engineer who came out to the house was very thorough, informative, and helpful in assessing my needs. Once I had decided to go with them and signed the contract we were able to schedule the work very quickly. The guys who came to do the installation were friendly, courteous, and spent the day getting the job done without wasting any time. I spoke with five different well known companies getting my proposals and feel very confident that I made the right choice.
Mark Demry
00:24 20 May 19
If you’re looking for an outstanding HVAC company look no further. Timo’s is the best. Our experience with the entire Timo’s team was stellar. They were honest & trustworthy which is rare these days. The sales consultant & services manager and the installers were all a pleasure to deal with as was the receptionist who coordinated the install for us. When a slight problem occurred with the install the service manager stepped in and handle the situation with efficiency and calm. The outcome for us was really positive. We are so pleased with our new heat pump & air handler. Whatever your heating & cooling needs are I truly believe Timo’s team has the best solution & product out there, they can work with every budget & they have competent installers who do a clean job!
Christel Lee
17:09 17 May 19
Marcus, Tom and Jack were supreme. So professional and so efficient. Installed in less time than they quoted. Great unit. Our house is spotless. What more could we say?
Pete Greeson
02:27 19 Apr 19
We’ve trusted no one else for the last 5 years and have NOT been disappointed with Timo’s yet. We had a new AC and furnace system installed this week. From Marcus, our service person, to Tom and Jack, our installers, the professionalism can’t be compared. Perfect system and they cleaned up after so you wouldn’t know they were here. They also gave us temporary portable units, so we were comfortable in between. Excellent!
Anne Greeson
01:58 19 Apr 19
I got a next-day appointment (not an emergency). The technicians came on time and fixed the problem quickly for a fair price. I appreciate the company’s technology for communication with the customer. No vague windows of time. They even sent me a picture and bio of the tech before he came to the house.
Mark Fearnow
21:57 18 Apr 19
Andrew did a fine job repairing my a/c and worked until after dark (9:30 pm) to complete the job. He explained what caused the problem and what he needed to do to fix it. I really appreciate his knowledge and courtesy. Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating is the best.
H. Joseph Trautman
05:03 09 Apr 19
The staff at Timo’s are very professional and efficient. We called on a Saturday and said the issue could wait until Monday, but within a few minutes a technician called back and said he would be right over. He diagnosed the problem and provided a suggested repair, asking if we wanted to proceed and did an excellent job making the repair in a timely and cost-effective manner. Will definitely use Timo’s again.
Darryl Drohomerski
18:50 24 Mar 19
Got a text yesterday to schedule my maintenance, perfect timing too, they were able to get me in on one of the days off, the technician called before arriving and was on time. Even put the shoe covers on before entering my house. Took care of the maintenance no problems of course since it’s only 6 months old. Changed the filters and he was off. So far I couldn’t be happier with this company.
Zac Sprenger
03:10 01 Mar 19
Excellent customer service. Technicians arrived on time, were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Timo’s installed a Nest Thermostat and found that the mother board on our furnace was damaged. Part was ordered and installed the next day and all is well. I would highly recommended this business to anyone.
17:00 18 Feb 19
Great customer service. Chris the representative that came to our home was very knowledgeable. Technicians were efficient and worked diligently to finish the job on time. We had four different quotes and decided on Timo not because they were the cheapest but because they provided the service and follow-thorough we wanted for our investment.
Alberto Garcia
19:47 17 Feb 19
Timo’s came highly recommended to me and I will pass that same high recommendation along. They have replaced six A/C – heating systems in my neighborhood. We’ve all been very pleased with their professionalism and efficiency. They were very careful about keeping things clean and not causing any damage. Mark and his crew were personable and pleasant to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my friends to Timo’s.
ld roesle
22:01 14 Feb 19
This was our first experience with Timo’s. Eddie was excellent and provided knowledge we needed for both the heating and air services we will need. This was not explained when I called corporate but Eddie did a great job of explaining they will need to come back just before summer to service the A/C. We had a very good experience because of Eddie and look forward to him returning to service the A/C part of our unit just before June.David P.
David Passarell
22:32 06 Feb 19